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Roadblock in my Story.

I have been working on a short story. And I am stuck particularly at one point. Ill explain the scenario, please all the writers do help me get over this road block. Due credit will be given.

"A 8-9 month pregnant woman is accused of killing her husband, she denies the charges - The cops don't believe her version. A doctor comes into the picture and......"

Here comes the real trouble. The doctor has to bring her out of the police station and prove that she needs psychiatric attention - all this must feel authentic. Character wise the doctor is a world renowned psychiatrist.
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Can you explain a little more? How was he killed? What's her version? Is the idea that she's physically incapable of doing it, or psychologically incapable, or not guilty by reason of insanity?
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Where exactly is the problem?
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I hope its Jordan Peterson that walks in....
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For it to be realistic it should be a doctor on the city's payroll that the prosecution uses. They will order a psych exam. This is common in such cases and outside psychiatrists are hired by the defense not the prosecution.

Instead of world reknown, how about, a well known psychiatrist within the department that retired and now works independently. S/he saw this case in the news and decided to help. The cops/prosecution hold this person in high regard so it is hard to argue with them. Etc. A bit of conflict for you right there.
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Thanks @indietalk - This one is really helpful. Will develop on this - lets see how it goes.
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She is innocent...the doctor killed her husband, but she doesn't know that. He needs to prove her innocent, but hide his guilt as well. The doctor is also the father of her child. She had an affair with the doctor. In the end, DNA results reveal many secrets.

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