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6/14 Update: We will be back asap. Posting is disabled until further notice.
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My Name is Goose

Hi guys, my name is Goose (not a Top Gun reference, though I donít mind the common assumption). Iím from NJ.

Iím an MFA student, also did my undergrad in film. I suppose my primary areas of interest are sound mixing, sound editing, video editing, animation, and music composition. I like to write and direct too but only my own personal projects. Working on my thesis film currently.

Hoping I can find some helpful advice on the forum!
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film guy
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Welcome to IndieTalk! Always good to see another Jersey-ite on here
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Lucky Hardwood
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Welcome, Goose.
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Benny Wollin
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Hi there! Are you familiar with blender's open films? I'm currently rescoring Big Buck Bunny (I'll have to post my work here soon).

Benny Wollin - Composer of Film, TV, and Game Music
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