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Choice between PL and EF lens mount on Red Dragon

I am looking to purchase a Zeiss CP2 35mm T2.1 lens for a Red Dragon and have a choice between using the PL titanium mount ($2000) vs the Canon EF aluminum mount ($700). I have a 5D but doubt I would be using much of it anymore.

Any advantages of going with one over the other other than compatibility with previous or future cameras I may use?

Also if anyone wants to throw in some comments on the CP2 feel free as I am in the market for a good 35mm lens in the $3000-$10000 range and the CP.2 is my current pick based off of limited research
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EF because cheaper.

PL is sturdier but EF for me.
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If you're happy to spend up to $10k on one lens, then there's plenty of options available to you on the PL mount. Overall, PL mount has better cinema options, and is a sturdier, safer mount.

EF is good if you want/are using cheaper glass (i.e. EF glass), you already have a large collection of EF glass, or you plan to use EF mount in the future on other cameras.
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