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Caution Blood Hit on someone on the ground?

I'm wanting to put bullet blood hits on our bad guy on the ground. I've posted a image so that you can see what I mean: http://postimg.org/image/nk8xtmu5v/

Basically how do I pull this off? I realize now I should of probably just done the effect non-digitally, but it's kind of to late for that. So does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this the best way possible? I know how to do bullet hits on people standing up and such, but the whole angle and everything in this part is just hard and does not look right

Please help!!!! Thank you!!!
-Gage Welch
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How long is the shot?

I would start by taking a frame, painting on a decent looking whole and splatter, then track the spot where you want it to stick to. If your guy is moving around on the floor, then good luck i guess. With out seeing the full shot I can't really offer up much more advice. Maybe check out video copilot. Theres tutorials on there about blood splats.
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