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Originally Posted by Nate North View Post
A: Y I'm curious why you think I'd shoot myself in the foot and turn on my friends at first opportunity. What is it that make your thoughts turn in that direction? .
Because I don't know you from Jesus and I'm not naive. As Tennessee William said, "The world is lit by lightning". Not to mention, the parsed language used in your ad which is always a red flag.

Okay, more quesitons:

I still don't get this. All the participants will stay in the house and make their own separate reels while you're outside networking to get them paying jobs?
Are the 7 reels promos for Deathworld AND self promos? A two birds with one stone thing?
And it almost sounds as if the jobs you'll be attempting to provide for the 7 housemates aren't related to Deathworld, or are they? And if the jobs aren't related to Deathworld, what's the point of having them in the house since they won't have time for Deathworld?
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