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Indietalkers HELP/SHARING thread. Do your part.

So, the stellar community that we are, I'm hoping that we are all fully backing the few members that have campaigns running at this moment in time.

Let's help out, spread the word, drop a tweet, an email, a pigeon. We've got the resources to do so.

EDIT: If you would like to be included in the OP. PM me with a small paragraph, name, brief, and link. DO NOT POST YOUR CAMPAIGN IN THE THREAD.


Indietalk member TheLiarProductions



The film "The Liar" is a gripping, dark, and often amusing look into the life of a gifted pathological liar, a fictional but as realistic as possible adventure into the world of a young man living successfully in the cracks of society, and a mystery in the classic tradition. The film is under S.A.G. contract and will be aggressively promoted and geared towards both national film festivals. *sundance, etc.* as well as the Cannes Film Festival 2013.

All donations will go directly towards a tightly written budget.

They have just 59 hours of the campaign left and have raised 4,082 out of 5,000 dollars.

If it floats your boat, don't forget to share, donate (if possible) and support.

Let's get to sharing!

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