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scriptwriter for medieval fiction wanted


I'm an artist that's got the project of creating an animated tv show (for now it would be just a pilot) and I'm looking for script writer (It would lead to a comic book also).

The idea is to create a world based on the Middle Ages era. Founded on the historical European medieval period, but characters and location can be fictional.

I would like it to be centered around human relationships and character development. The main subjects would recolve around love and adventure. Fights and duels also present. Humour and funny lines are welcome. Magic/fantasy elements/religion may appear as a side element but in my idea they should not be the main subjects.

The visual style of the work would be somehow inspired on the medieval book "Tacuinum Sanitatis" (but slighty improved), such as this and other late-medieval and early-renaissance artworks. For visual reference you can also check The Secret of Kells but that is not exactly the desired style.

If anybody here has written something similar or is interested in the project in anyway, please send me a pm.


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