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the real difference between full frame and m43 sensor

So I've doe some research on this and from what I understand, the only difference I'd have using the micro 4/3 sensor is the difference in f-stop.

Thus, I'd never be able to get a really shallow depth of field and it's not ideal for low-light situations..

As even with a f 1.8 lens lets say, it will still be an 3.6 equivalent. Correct ?

Also with the Panasonic lenses.. if it's a 14-140mm f. 3.5-5.6 does that mean that as I zoom in, the f stop automatically increases ?

So when recording video and zooming in, I'd see jumps in exposure / brightness. Correct ?
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Well technically not the only difference. It depends on which camera you're using. You're correct in saying that a 1.8 is equivalent to a 3.6 but for recording better low light conditions you'll need better glass such as voigtlander f0.95 range or speedbooster+sigma 18-35 f1.8. Or if you can control conditions, use better lighting.

As for the zoom lens, yes it will automatically increase f stop. The only way to counter this is to manually adjust to f5.6 at the 14mm range then it will be continuous as you zoom right in to 140mm.
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