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What does "poetic film" means?

My understanding of "poetic film" is, it means something greater which we might not understand clearly but can only feel. Is this right?

Wikipedia says "Poetry film is a subgenre of film that fuses the use of spoken word poetry, visual images, and sound to create a stronger presentation and interpretation of the meaning being conveyed."

Is poetry film the same as poetic film?
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I've taught numerous classes to Freshman students where the assignment is to create a video poem. The first thing I do is to state that they are NOT to translate a work of poetry visual, but instead to look at the creative elements of the film medium - motion, light, focus, color, sound -- on screen and off, editing, juxtapositions, rhythm, speed - normal, slow, and fast, and time - linear, backward, and cyclic and use them in creative ways. Their projects can be narrative, suggest a narrative, or purely a visual experience.

Much in the same way poetry is the playful use of the structure, sound, rhythm, pause and meaning of language, the students are challenged to do the same with (digital) film.

- Wolf
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The thesaurus gives these synonyms for "poetic":
expressive, figurative, symbolic, flowery, artistic, elegant, fine, beautiful, sensitive, imaginative, creative.
So I suppose if a film can be described with any of those words, then you can say it's poetic.
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Imo, poetry conveys meaning and emotion with the use of various techniques including metaphor, simile, symbolism, subtext, etc. Films (the best films imo) employ some of the same techniques. That's what I'd call poetic film.

The reference to film poetry is a pretty active subgenre where a specific poem is "visualized," usually with a voice over of the poem's text. Images, sound, music all enhance and interpret the poem's meaning and emotional impact.
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