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Oh God no! Not endless superhero crap!! That's the reason why cinema is now uninspiring and practically dead. Hopefully they can give us something other than people flying off to save the world for the billionth time.
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I have to wonder if it depends somewhat on the poor, the working poor, and I'm guessing older people. So long as they exist, mayhaps, by-appointment TV will survive. By that I mean: not all can afford data plans, cable, internet, or Netflix and the rest. What else is available to such folks but over-the-air, by-appointment television? I believe that's more-or-less what I read somewhere, not so long ago.

Perhaps by-appointment, traditional television will persist as long as that demographic persists in significant enough numbers?
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thats true that you can get an antenna and it's free to watch television and listen to radio.
great point. its like how we used to all drink water for free out of the faucet and now we pay for plastic bottles
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I don't think it has anything to do with the platform, but the content the platform offers. The only thing I watch on tv anymore is the news and SNL. Why pay a cable bill when SNL puts full episodes on YouTube, NBC and my local news station have an app, and there's no shortage of selection on Netflix. Also radio isn't dead, it's just free.
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this thread is awesome
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