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action junkie
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Windows Media Player "Teenage Superhero Pregnancy Scare"

If you like comic books, high school movies, or pregnancy scares, I recommend this film from Ragtag Productions. Check it out right here: http://www.ragtagfilms.net/movies/te...eSuperhero.wmv
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film guy
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Loud Orange Cat
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I couldn't stop laughing. This one's a keeper.
Robert M. Yannetta
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LOGAN L Productions
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very cool
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Wicked Awesome! Great characters.
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this is pretty funny (and wicked). didn't think I'd hav time to watch the whole thing but I gotta finish it
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King Goldfish
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very creative use for the League of....
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Very enjoyable. Quite good acting considering we couldn't see faces. I take it you ADR'd it all?
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That was freakin' hilarious!
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Clever... And very twisted, I like that.
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