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Originally Posted by stef View Post
Where do you get a 40 min time slot?
A lot of television shows are around 40 minutes per episode!!
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Standard broadcast television standard for a 30 minute show is 22 minutes (44 minutes for an hour). I have a show that we are trying to get done. The process sucks hairy monkey balls. This has been going on for over a year for me. When I first presented the idea, the reaction was "that's awesome, do a treatment and we'll run it up the flagpole." That deal fell apart and another one came forward. That one didn't happen because the money people at NBC were afraid because nobody has ever made a show exactly like mine, hence they did not know how to sell it to advertisers. Plus, my show really does not fit into NBC's programming style. Now, my producer is working on getting an investor to fund the first season so that we can shop it around as a completed product. All of the aggravation from trying to get the TV show made has me making a totally unrelated web series that I do almost by myself. Will my web series go viral and make me tons of money? Not likely. It just gives me something to do while I wait.
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22 minutes per half hour and 44 minutes per hour is standard, with, I think, 6 commercial intervals per hour. But a web series would not be bound by that standard, and I'm wondering if a webisode should be limited to 22 and 44 minutes.
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I would (and am) making mine MUCH shorter. If you are making a web series to broadcast standard, you could break it up into 11 minute episodes using the midpoint break as a stopping point. I would still write/edit the show to have logical commercial break opportunities at the 2, and 7 minute marks (at the 5 minute mark if you are only going to have the one).
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