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The Disaster Artist

Going to see it tonight!
If you haven't seen The Room, you MUST see it before the Disaster Artist.

The Room is a 6 million dollar movie written, produced, directed and starring Tommy Wiseau. He produced it with the intention of making a profound drama that would knock you out of your socks. Instead, the film, which was shot on 35mm film and HD video at the same time, became known as the worse film ever made... Now it enjoys life as a cult favorite dark comedy.

Watching the Room leaves you feeling like you've got brain damage. It make no sense but seems to be going somewhere (which is isn't). You'll start looking at the people around you wondering if someone put drugs in your soft drink or sprinkled some crack on your popcorn.

The Disaster Artist is a book that tells the tale of making the Room from the co-star Greg Sestaro's point of view. Sestaro met Tommy at an acting class. They became some sort of friends and the bizarre relationship grew from that. It finally culminated into the making of The Room. I have to say, this book is by far the funnies book I have ever read. I was laughing out loud as I turned through the pages..

Now, the book has been made into a movie. I don't know if they can do justice to Tommy Wiseau or the saga of making the room but I'll find out.

As film makers. You need to see The Room and you need to read The Disaster Artist. As for the movie The Disaster Artist; we'll see...

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