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Ideas for a one minute horror film

Hey folks,

I'm in my first semester of University studying screen production, and my assignment involves me having to create a 1 minute film without any dialogue, lyrical music or text (with the exception of the credits).

I have literally lost hours and hours of sleep formulating (what I thought were) cool and intricate film ideas, from drama-based to science-fiction inspired, but I always find that the story becomes too complex to really fit into a minute and I end up scrapping them.

This time I'm set on staying with it, but in order to really do that I need to LOVE it and feel confident that I can pull it off in a minute. Since I'm a huge horror fan, I think I'll do something in that area but I want it to be really, truly terrifying and unsettling and as original as possible.

An idea I've been playing around with so far involves an innocent young boy's older sister modelling for his sketch. A shot would slowly dolly away from the girl, who's sitting there fidgeting and amused by the boy's child-like determination, followed by another shot dollying towards the boy, who's sketching. This dolly-shot would end as a CU on the boy's face. The sound of his pencil scraping across the paper would halt and he would look up, then to the side of his sister, then back at her (but the audience would still only be seeing his face). A demonic growl and the sound of snapping bone would follow, coupled with the boy cringing. The shot would then dolly backwards with the boy still in frame, walking towards where his sister was. He'd put his sketch on a bed nearby and eventually kneel down by her contorted body. A final shot shows his sketch: a tall, large-eyed figure leans over the girl.

Opinions? Other ideas?
Tips on how to really get under the audiences skin in a minute?

Thanks in advance
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With no dialogue and just under a minute to play with, I'd say that you're going to have to rely on the musical score to really get under the viewers skin. To be honest though, I don't think you're going to be able to pull off something terrifying (nor would you be expected to). You may get something creepy, something really cool (I do like the concept, by the way), but real fear is derived from the build up to the scare... One minute's not very long to do this.

Good luck.
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maybe just build to a scary reveal?

Sister sits terrifying

Cut to brother sketching

Tighter on sister.

back to brother..

build this and then...

reveal what is terrifying sister by panning down to the drawing being sketched...
insert: drawing sister in electric chair ... a man stands with hands on switch, the hand and switch are an incomplete detail..

cut back to sister..

back to brother drawing..

brother finishes the last detail of the drawing..

insert drawing: the switch is closed

cut to sister as she starts to jerk...

cut to brother as sparks fly and sounds effects of bacon frying
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Idea Check this

Originally Posted by daveyk95 View Post
Hey folks,

Opinions? Other ideas?
Tips on how to really get under the audiences skin in a minute?

Thanks in advance
Ok, a quick thought from my side

Night mom just wishes goodnight to a small cute boy and go
cut to clock - midnight
Strange voice from outside window, boy approaches window, dark night,
cut to stairs next shot- going out and closing the door
next morning mom calls him in the room and searches in bathroom, getting worried and about to call dad or police (whatever suits you)
cut to-door opens and boy is there (blurring)
mom hug and boy goes inside (show back only)
last shot miserable face, eyes blinking (as vampire) and blood coming out from mouth.

There is a challenge in executing the same in a minute time but you can use Jump cut wherever required.
Giving you a link of a similar thought but I did manage to do it in 2 mins. though it is an old production and in almost zero budget.

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There are tonnes of really great scary short films. Look up some examples, and see how you're trying to overthink things.

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