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Heh! The good old gov't says a lot of things
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Originally Posted by Blade_Jones View Post
I don't know any indie filmmakers who could say that four walling is their bread and butter for revenue. It's a huge pain in the ass to do as well as a huge risk. If anyone does make money then it's from their hard work promoting it and spending money on advertising.

By the way here's another article about government cracking down on piracy...

It's not our 'bread and butter'...but with our new budget levels, and even higher production value, opening weekends can put you in the green. We definitely sell DVDs on a regular basis (not like crazy, but steady)...but it's nice to get rid of the negative and hit the positive on a four-walled theater premiere weekend. And *you* can do it too if you're smart with money and marketing.

Our last feature went green from the opening weekend alone. It cost 8K...so it wasn't much of a stretch to get there. We also had a lot of friends and family attending (big cast, and lots of extras, which translates to a lot of ticket sales on opening night).

Then, once the word got out that the film was unique and hilarious, our next few screenings did really well.

We didn't go crazy with advertising...only spend a few hundred on lobby cards (high quality fliers) and passed them around. We also held a few fundraisers and a DVD release party at our local bar (free because we know the owners). With social networks nowa'days, you can spend a lot less on advertising and still get a good return if you have the right connections and product.

I'm not saying four-wall yourself out of a house and home. Rent a theater for two screenings (7 and 9) when you premiere it. See how that goes. Then a month later or so, do another set of screenings in another town/theater. It won't cost you much, and if you have the right product, you'll attract an audience.

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