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How to stitch two videos while also playing together

Hi! I have this project where I'm the director and I have editors, and for context, I have zero knowledge on video editing, I just have this idea and I'm relying on my editors to have that idea reflected in the editing process.

Now, what we've been trying to do is a transition effect (forgive me, I don't know all terminologies) that kind of stitches one shot to another. The idea is that once person A (wearing blue) enters the door (which is also the blocker), coming out to the other side should be person B (wearing green).

The problem is, since the blocker is a door, and we've had unfixable logistic problems during the shoot, the door is oriented differently from both shots. Meaning, while my editor could do the "stitching together" of the two videos, the difference in the blocker from each shot is too obvious not to fix.

The video is almost okay, I just want a seamless transition without the blurring effect (it defeats the purpose of transitioning).


Attached in this post is a sample of the current edit, plus the video that inspired the idea (the video with the transition we wanted to replicate). The editor used Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


I'm not sure if I've explained it well given my zero editing knowledge, so please ask me if there's anything you wish to know. Thank you!
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VIDEO tags not needed.
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The blur looks terrible. The second shot comes in at the wrong time, so the door suddenly pops further in.

You need to do proper editing to make this work. You need to mask around the door and animate keyframes, so that the door frame is consistent.

Here's an example from a film of mine.

From 0:55 - 1:00

The person covering the camera was keyframed, to reveal the second shot underneath. Even though the angle is off and not exactly the same, it looks right because of the unveil.
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