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Question Editor


I am editor. Had to stop for a few years because of medical emergency.

I am trying to get some practice and sharpen all my skills again.

So if you have a short film or are working on a very low shoe string budget, reach out to me. I will be more than happy to see what I can do.

Not looking for payment, I am just trying to get some practice.

Also not a scammer (this is the weird part because I feel like scammers would be the only ones to say that.)

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Sorry editor, we already have one of those here, and like Highlander, there can be only one.

Just kidding. Welcome to the Thunderdome! There's actually a small handful of us on this site. Stick around and be an active member. In time, you will find projects to work on. Best wishes!
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Well what a strange coincidence that this was the top post. I just registered to find an editor to help me with my short film. It's less than 1 minute and consists mainly of dialogue in a cafe. It was shot in Dhaka a couple of weeks ago with English speaking actresses, but the local editors failed me, and I left the country. I will be picky with making sound transitions smooth. I dont have access to a computer and cant edit on my phone, so that's why I need help. It's a hobby project without financial transactions. What do you think? If you're up for it, i can send you the video and audio files.
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You might try sending the person a direct message, which will (should) show up as a notice in their email. That way you can see if the person might be interested, even if they don't come on IT all that often.
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Looks like a drive by post they haven't returned since best to move on.
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