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Submitting to Amazon Direct Video a complete waste of time?

Has anyone tried submitting their video to this worthless service? I've done a lot of filmmaking and submitted to a multitude of festivals and everything, and yet I can't get a single video to be accepted by Amazon Direct Video. Trying to compete with YouTube? They can't even compete with Vimeo.

So my advice to anyone that has heard of the new Streaming Video Submission site "Amazon Direct Video" is to stay the heck away, I have spent so many hours the past couple days trying to get one single video accepted, nah, they won't hardly accept literally anything....
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Amazon has a direct video service?
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We have quite a few videos on Amazon Video Direct, which is their VOD service. The hardest part is getting everything to their specifications, especially their "Closed Captions" requirements.
They will come up with a dozen reasons why they don't like your captions. Whenever I think I have given them what they want...it's not right. They often contradict themselves. Anyway, to make a long story short, through a lot of frustrating BS, we are on Amazon Video Direct, and one of our titles we were actually able to get on AMAZON PRIME. ("Tattletale Corpse"). We make about $20.00 a month from Prime. The good part about Amazon Video Direct is that you pay them ZERO to get in their catalog, and they "promote" your film for you. VIMEO is nice, but it will cost you $100 a year, and you have to supply your own customers.... If there are any other companies out there. I'd sure like to hear about them. (The "no fee" ones that is).
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I agree with Rayandmigdalia. My movie got accepted no problem. The hard part was 1) figuring out how to create captions and then 2) creating a video file to their specifications. I got numerous rejections regarding codecs and wrappers before I finally was able to export a file that they accepted. And each time it takes them like 4 weeks to review the file you submit, then you have to keep logging in to see if they accepted it.

And yes you can't beat FREE! Try submitting a digital movie to iTunes through distribber. One time $1,595 delivery charge! Plus a $225 annual fee! And, adding insult to injury, they have a $200 take down fee!
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