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Post FEEDBACK REQUEST - "Dr. Kaufman Act One" (Indie Meta Comedy) First 43 Pgs

Ok, I will be trying to engage with you more here instead of /r/screenwriting, so hi everyone

Ok first and foremost.

TITLE: "Dr Kaufman" (Indie Meta Comedy)

Logline: A screenwriter's chance encounter with an upstart fashion designer, sparks the pair's twisted and absurd rise to power through the ranks of Hollywood's elite players.

Synopsis: Young screenwriter Terrance Adams' dreams of filmmaking lay subdued due to his low wage job and lack of actual writing. A "chance meeting" with upstart fashion designer Derrick Williams prompts an alliance, with both hellbent on breaking into Hollywood's social elite.

As the duo find success in their respective fields of fashion and film, so do the demons from the pair's mysterious past. As the dead bodies and celebrity cameos continue to pile up, both are lead down a perilous path of delusion, murder and betrayal. The question becomes, how far is each willing to keep their secrets, in a social circle with no rules and no limits.

LINK: WAS PUBLIC, NOW ONLY AVAILABLE VIA REQUEST. Please contact/reply either here or on my email/ twitter

This is act one of three

And now the author's note:

This, is something I never expected to write at the end of 2016. But, it harkens back to a love of a films I grew up with. Things like Jay and Silent Bob, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, I Heart Huckabees, Punch Drunk Love, Idle Hands, and many many more. This is all a throw back to fun stuff like that with a hella fucking update. This one is for the fans of those movies and movie making in general. and I can't wait to take you through this awesome kick ass story.

PS. I'm definately 100 percent looking for table reads of this and if you'd like to do one, please let me know, I'd love to help!

But since you're reading now, you can answer some Q's for me.

"How is the tone?" Are you "getting it"?

Too dark?? Too funny??

What's the best medium a story like this could be presented?

How did the Gossip TV Intro work for you "Too long"

I wrote all the meta characters with the UPMOST respect. If any feels miscast I apologize and can change that.

Was this an enjoyable read?

I will do "reads for reads" soon, or on request (PM me) I usually read if the material/logline engages me and I hope vice versa as well. Thanks in advance.

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