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How to find the time to watch and MAKE movies at the same time?

The question is aimed mainly at people who don't (or don't yet) work full time as filmmakers. How do you guys find the time to shoot, write, edit, act etc. and watch movies WHILE attending school (or working) and paying attention to your social lives?

I know that just like a writer has to constantly read books, both classics and the current hip ones, filmmakers also have to keep up with recent trends and hits, but at the same time also watch time-proven classics or just approved movies in general to see as many examples of successful filmmaking as possible.

My question is, how? How do you guys do that? I'm currently attending university and I struggle to even find time to write, let alone WATCH MOVIES. I can't remember when was the last time I watched something outside of a cinema (which I still attend at least once a week, but that's about the only time I have any connection with movies recently).
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It's called "Don't Sleep and Work Your Ass Off." It's something you can do when you're young.

In my late teens I had a regular job in a gas station from 7am to 2pm. Three days a week I would go home, shower and go to my second job playing piano for a dance school from 3pm to 7pm; One night each week and Sunday mornings I had my job as church organist/choirmaster. Five nights each week I rehearsed or performed with a band - the most important part of my life back then. In my minimal spare time I practiced, listened to new music and learned new songs. I slept three to four hours each night, and slept on Sunday afternoons, had dinner, and went back to sleep until I started all over again on Monday mornings.

It was all earn a living and prepare for my career; no such thing as a social life.

If you want a successful career in the entertainment industry you had better be prepared to make major sacrifices.

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i certainly don't walk the walk here so take what i say with a grain of salt

but I would suggest making your movie watching time social, this way you're multitasking and not isolating yourself in just working. life should be about more than work.
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If you have a smartphone with a notepad app you can write on the go, which is great when you have an "a ha" moment. Or when you sit on the train, or in the park, you can write out some scenes with a screenwriting app: https://www.nyfa.edu/screenwriting-apps/
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and paying attention to your social lives?
Here I see where you're going wrong... what's a social life?
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Set goals, learn to make the choices that get you closer to your goals.

It is pretty hard sometimes when multiple goals don't align.
So pick 1 goal then.
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Originally Posted by Gabe-KC View Post
I'm currently attending university and I struggle to even find time to write, let alone WATCH MOVIES.
What are you studying?
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