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Tech help with a GoPro Hero5 Black

Hi. I'm hoping you fine folks with some technical chops might answer a few questions. I'm shooting a documentary about losing weight. I've lost a significant amount of weight and want to document my experience losing the rest. I'm very over weight, so it will take quite a while. I chose the GoPro Hero5 Black because it shoots in 4K and it can go with me anywhere very easily. Exercise, doctor visits, etc. I plan to be at my ideal weight and post bariatric surgery sometime during 2019. If I understand correctly, 4K will be more widely used format at that time. These are some question I have:
1. What's the best frame rate to shoot on in 4K for a documentary? 24 or 30?
2. Would a lower resolution still be acceptable for broadcast sometime after 2020. Like 2.8k or 1080p? The reason I ask is because of the of the options of shooting in an fov besides Wide. Or being able to use image stabilization.
3. Will watching a film shot in 4K Wide fov look weird if you're viewing it for like 90 minutes?
4. I've heard that the GoPro can have the fisheye "removed" is post production. Is that right? Will it effect 4K?
5. I'm going to be using these two mics to start with and buy better ones soon after when I've had to e to save up. Just not sure how soon. Mostly the uni-directional mic, also.

I understand that I'll need a GoPro mic adapter. Will I also need this:

Also, I'll need to get an extension cable for the mics. Can anyone tell me what kind? Like a 20 foot cable. But I'm not sure of the type. Like a male to female? Female to female? Forgive my ignorance.

If you can think of anything else I should know before I begin, I would be most grateful. I have very little experience shooting anything at all. And really none with this type of technology. Thanks!

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