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How do I create this effect?

I want to show a scene, in which a character is washing blood off his hands. When he looks down at his hands, he sees that blood is running from the sink and clogging the drain. How would I do this? Is there a way to rig the sink to run fake blood?
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Use tubing. From an aquarium store, hardware store, automotive store.

Hide it from the cameras view behind the faucet using tape. You want to
get really ambitious turn off the water to the sink uncouple the pipe
to the faucet and run the tubing up and into the faucet. Then pump the
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Depending on the scene you could also buy a cheap sink on craigslist, not sure what kind you need, freestanding, vanity, kitchen, etc.

Aquarium tubing, and hook it up to a large water bottle like an IV. Have a PA hold it above the level of the sink to run and lower it below sink level to stop.
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