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Adobe Roadshow Tips

Adobe take their stuff on the road and play major cities about once a year. I always attend when they roll into town, even though I edit on Final Cut.

It's the one company event I'd recommend that every film maker attends.

The first reason is there is always a prize draw, which could bag you a completely free Adobe Creative Suite (which has to be worth a couple of hours)

However, beyond the one in one hundred chance of bagging free software, there is another reason. Adobe's experts demo the new features on their products and every single time I've attended I've seen something that's been worth additional research.

Today was no exception.

Here's what I think are the hot pieces of info for film-makers.

1) Photoshop can now import and export video!

Yes, you heard me... which means you can add additional layers, clone artifacts and also make use of the superior image manipulation tools... and apply them to the entire sequence simultaneously, not one frame at a time!

2) There's a new version of photoshop, Lightroom

This has been designed for photographers wishing to undertake BULK work on large amounts of images.

Now, although I've not been able to confirm this... but, if like me you're looking at exporting video from After Effects as TIFF bundles, in effect what you do is turn your video into a series of still images.

If you can process all of these at the same time in Lightroom, effectively it means you could create "scanner darkly" rotoscope effects in a fraction of the time it used to take.

3) Photoshop now has a highly functional 3D imaging suite built in!

So, for those of you looking to create CGI helicopters, tanks, spaceships, for insertion into your micro-budget movie... well, it looks like photoshop might suddenly be a serious contender for creation of those objects.

There is a caveat on that one... in order to match the created object to your footage you need to match the look of the object to the distortions of your original lens... and at the moment I haven't discovered the obvious way to achieve that in Photoshop.

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Will Vincent
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I would think the lens correction filter would help with that...

Filter > Distort > Lens Correction
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Will, you are a star...
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