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Actually you are right. I was basing my experiences on crew members because I never had this issue with an actor but have with certain crew that are being paid well to do a job but they want to voice opinions about other things. When I think now of using that method on actors, no. You need to work with them on those issues. But crew members (other than DP) telling you you are doing something wrong, that you know is right, you dismiss politely and move on. That's me. It's like "I got this" and you need to stay in the zone, as, YOU know your vision. But working with actors is more personal. Damn you! You right again. I just had to mull it over. There are times to listen to crew too sure. But sometimes, not.
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You said this is your first time directing. I would be more open to feedback, and in the case that it's not delivered as polite as possible,
the advice here is solid, just smile and move on.

At the same time, it's your film, and your vision. How good of a director you are will lie in your ability to receive criticism and suggestions, good and bad, from experienced cast and crew, inexperienced cast and crew,
without reservation, then be able to make judgements in comparison to your own ideas about whether something is good or bad.

If it's just one scene or small number of shots, why don't you film it your way and then film it her way, and see which is best?

If you had more experience and were a voice of authority, it would seem impertinent for her to be so outspoken against you; however, you said this is your first feature,
maybe she's acted in several and worked with experienced directors, and if I were her I might question you too.

If you approach everything with the mindset that you know what you are doing, when you may not, it will be hard to find success in my opinion. But it's really just a judgement call, and up to you.

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