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Hey, everyone! We are a couple of independent filmmakers from New Delhi, India. We have just come out with our 3rd short film, Sankalp ( about a boy who wants to become a boxer) We write, direct and edit our own films. We also happen to compose our own original soundtracks of our movies. Here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it! Would love to get feedback from you guys.

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I'm not a professional or anything but I enjoyed your movie. The score was beautiful. The little kid's acting was decent. The dad's dialogues were strong too. It felt inspirational.

The only problems that I noticed are that I think the acting for the 2 bullies could be done better. The mocking laughter is not natural for neither of them, and if your budget allows try to prolong the fight scene 10 sec more. If you could use some punching sounds in the foley process that would be great.

Also I don't know if this was what you were going for or not, but I can't relate with your protagonist, not a lot of dialogue is written for him, and he doesn't really do anything ( except practice) during the movie. I think the message you want to send could be better sent if you showed his reactions to the obstacles he is facing ( like the dad not believing in him) . Show his unbreakable will by shooting scenes in which he handles and overcomes these obstacles.

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I agree with most of what pedramyz said. The idea was good, but the story could have been better elaborated. The music was very good! The editing was strong. Good sound. Overall, it was well put together, especially for just a 3rd short.
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