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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
When you say "Hollywood look" that is very ambiguous, instead of asking what makes the look you should pick a film that YOU like, and use it as your inspiration.

What genre is your film? What is your favorite film in that genre? Watch it twice in a row and take notes. What did you like about it and what made you feel this was a "legit" Hollywood film?

Acting? Effects? Cinematography? Opening credit sequence? Sound? Editing style? Etc.

Watching flicks is important. Watch some more. And more.
Perhaps it's the age old conundrum of "what makes the cinematic look"?
For me the difference is framing, colour and lighting, which I obsess over. Frame rates and shutter angles are all rules that have been broken without losing the look and feel. Even aspect ratio can be flexible.

Watching a well made professional motion picture will always retain the psychological effect of having watched cinema, even is standard rules are bent or broken. But lighting, colour, and framing are really what I would say defines it.
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Don't easily dismiss production design. Something as simple as set
dressing makes a big difference and is often overlooked by low/no
budget filmmakers. Just shooting a location doesn't help get that
"Hollywood" look.
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Good points. Take a look at these screencaps from Winter Soldier, toward the bottom, in the SHEILD operations/control room. The wardrobe, set, & color grading have a blue gray tone that goes with the tone of the movie, which is more serious & contemporary than the 1st film. Everything you see is thought out. Also everything you hear.

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I know I said I would post this a lot sooner, but I've been having a couple production issues. Anyways this is the teaser to my first feature film. It has NO BUDGET (Actually I think I spent like twenty dollars on the fake blood and gun, my brother helped with drone shots, some food for actors, etc. But basically very low budget).


I'll probably get a lot of criticism about how amateur it looks haha. I've only produced one short film and then I decided "Hey I want to make a movie!" The teaser has no dialogue as I have not synced up audio for post-graded footage (which is almost all the footage).

I hope this film finds its fans when it's completed.

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cool teaser
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Comparing Christopher Nolan's debut movie 'Following' (1998) with everything he produced since, will give you some idea.
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