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Looking at Lavs for run and gun

I've been looking at lavs recently.

Sennheiser ME 2 has caught my eye for quality.

The Rode Smarlav+ seems like a good choice for convenience and pricing though!

Wondering if anybody else has experience?

Been looking through some blogs:

Best Lav Mics

Best Lavalier Mic: The 5 Best Lavalier Microphones in Filmmaking

Any other places I should check out?
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I have never even heard of the MOVO before and The Rode SmartLav is a consumer product. The Sennheiser ME 2 comes stock with Sennheiser Wireless kits, but is usually replaced by working professionals; the ECM-77B and ECM 44BMP are used in some circles, but is not nearly as popular as Countryman B3 or B6, Tram TR-50 or the Sanken COS11 series. Just to round out the list Oscar SoundTech makes some very nice "budget" mics. The first requirement is reliability, the second is battery life. You keep sacrificing more of each as you go down in price.

Personally I would get a Lectrosonics 100 series with a Countryman B6, about $2,500 per kit.

I can hear you screaming in outrage already. However, you didn't specify your requirements - Run'n'Gun is pretty vague, and you didn't give us a budget, how many you need nor what the recording medium will be. Give us some more detail and perhaps we can be of more help.

Here is something that may be of interest to you…

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I've struggled with this in the past. I made the mistake of going cheap way back and just returned the crap I got. Finally a year or two ago I did some research and settled on the RodeLink lavs as sort of a middle-ish of the road option. Not as good as the best ones out there and I think they're bulky but they're less expensive and setup for them is very easy. Haven't had issues with the sound at all. They've been really reliable.
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