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Script Collaborators Wanted

Hello All!

I've seven, feature screenplays and reached the stage where I have two that are decent. One has an excellent story but the writing needs to be tightened while a second has better writing and an interesting overall story but there need to be a load of structural changes. I've also written an 80,000 word novel where the writing sucks but the story has something and am toying with turning it into a feature length screenplay. A multi-Oscar winning production company looked at it a few years ago as they were taken with the premise and we had a few meetings about it. I messed it up but I know something's there which is different and engaging.

Plus there's another, incredible love story I want to try to capture which is a true story. I stumbled across a lady whose father was in all the newspapers back in the 1960s (sometimes on the front page) because he was a British gangster and went through a ridiculous number of well documented scrapes. The story has a natural arc, is ridiculously good and something I would be insane to ignore. It's almost too good to be true so something I want to work with.

Until now, I've used script consultants on the better stories to get an understanding of weaknesses and strengths. These are no-holds barred individuals who tell me what is bad and good and I am now at the stage where I am comfortable that I have certain strengths (as well as a lot of weaknesses!). Feedback from different consultants and individuals is always 'story is good.'

I'm looking for a collaborator, also writing screenplays to regularly get feedback from and that I can also reciprocate with feedback. Someone who has reached a stage in their writing that they have 'something,' who understands how tough it is to make a screenplay excellent and wants someone to regularly send stuff to in order to simply ask, 'what do you think? Maybe a two-weekly, regular thing.

My background?

I'm a 40-something professional, corporate film maker with my own little business, corporate customers and also freelance as man with sound gear or camera every now and again including Paris, Madrid and London (this year). I started this in January and will survive the first year which is a miracle as in the UK, 92% of small businesses fail in their first year which rises to about 99.9% in the corporate film world! My focus is definitely on my growing, corporate business but I love writing and developing screenplays and will shoot a feature, soon.

My narrative chops are I've had shorts in the usual film fests from London (The London Independent) to the occasional horror fest (in Toronto), been part of teams winning the occasional prize here and there and am at the stage where I hope to make one, kickass short soon. I think I can make a properly decent one and have what I believe to be a great short.

So are you at the stage where you have decent output, where you need someone to liaise with regularly, where you can give and take feedback and where you have 'something' about your writing? Would you be interested in created a regular, consistent feedback interaction by Skype, or in person?
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I am an amateur but I have an impressive screenwriting portfolio. Editing is my main strength. I would love to take a look at those screenplays which had promise but needed some "tightening up".

--Truitt Harshaw
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