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Help with our idea

Hello, we're a group of students that decided on filming something worth remembering. We are going on a trip around the country and visit the most recognizable spots in the area. Do you have any idea on what we could film this way? Maybe help us develop the idea we have;

this would be a 2 minute piece tops!

Our initial idea is two people talking about a guy and where he is, they shout to the right of the screen and then scenes build up all around the country where people are at recognizable places and shout his name across the country, in the end he is at the seaside, drinking a mojito and casually says "I'm not available at the moment" or something like that.

do you have any cool ideas on what you could do that is 2 minutes max and deals with the entire country?
Looking forward to your ideas and contributions!
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I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

You want to shoot a 2 minute travel show where in every clip is you shouting a guy's name and at the end he's sitting at a beach?

Is it going to be something like this?

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Urm, I'm sorry if my recap was to vague. No, it will not be like that video.
Basically every scene is going to last around 2-3 seconds. there will be around 10-15 scenes all together and in every one a person is going to look in one direction (seemingly the direction where the previous yell came from) and turn to the other side and yell out the protagonists name. in the last scene the protagonist is shown on the beach without a care in the world or something like that, the end is still in talks.
We are thinking of shooting this with a motive to encourage natural communication or something like that.
if anyone has any ideas or propositions, feel free to do so!
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I think the idea is a perfectly sound one, although 2 minutes is much too long for an idea like this (I'm thinking that 40 seconds is the longest you could stretch it out for).

I can't find a link to it but there was an interesting short where some filmmakers were travelling about and each different place they went to the guy walked towards the camera. They then cut it together so that it was like one long walk, with just the locations changing. It was really good. I think someone posted it here but I can't remember where.

Maybe thing about incorporating an element of that. Could your character walk through the frame in each different location and walk (seamlessly) into the next one?
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Feutus Lapdance
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Was it this one.....
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Yep, I know the video you're talking about Nick, and maybe 40 seconds is tops here yes. anyway, no seamless walking done on this one.
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I've seen similar short clips where you see a teddy bear at different famous places. I think it would work. It would be kind of fun if--for reference I'll call him Peter--Peter is sleeping while everyone is boarding the plane. Peter's seat is empty and everyone starts asking "Where's Peter?". Flashback to see Peter grabbing another plane. Then shift to different scenes.
Someone with Peter's cap is seen in different places. When they call to them, the person turns around. At first, it looks like him, then it gets more bizarre--pretty girl, large man, old woman, monkey or goat. Finally scene with him on the beach, looking down and choosing to ignore it as his friends walk up behind him. They might drop a bucket of water on him or something. He looks up rather bewildered in his wet cap--"What did I do?" "Slovenia--a lot if interesting places to see--even if you're not Peter!" It should be kept light spirited, of course.
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great ideas! wonderful! What about if this was a commercial for a traveling agency? would this be a nice idea? any ideas on how to make a travel agency commercial and combining it with clips of people in various places around the country? we were thinking maybe they could be passing a ball (basketball to be precise) around the country to the seaside.. could be interesting..
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Sounds like a very cool idea. I agree with the 40 secs tops. Some thoughts: How about mixing in different languages in the places that you're in and using subtitles, maybe a clip or two with two or more people in it(one person hears the message from the right of screen relays to other person on screen then that person shouts it off to left of screen), sounds kinda like a worldwide telephone game where they're all looking for this one guy, and hes unavailable. Maybe a guy/girl sitting next to him says "hey man, what should I say?" "tell them...I'm not here at the moment" Also would be funny if it rapidly went back to the original person who started the "telephone".
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WOW! Chamburger you just gave us an amazing idea! thank you!
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