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Cracker Funk
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"Antihero" 2nd draft is done!

A great deal of the advice I got on this forum was definitely heeded. For starters, the 146-page 1st draft has been paired down to 105. The overrall story structure has changed, dramatically, as well as some pretty huge plot devices. Too many changes to list.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the critiquing process. It was definitely very helpful.

Of course, I'm well-aware (as we've discussed before) that a script should go through a whole lot more than one rewrite. I don't care to rehash why, but for me the reasons are very valid as to why I simply must shoot this thing on-schedule. And that means we start shooting on Monday.

Anyway, I mention the extreme time-constraint just to highlight the fact that although I'd certainly appreciate feedback from anybody who wants to give it, I just don't have the time to afford it. After our read-through tomorrow, we'll make one final rewrite, but only in the way of actors rewriting their own dialogue to fit something that they are colloquially more comfortable with. Otherwise, we're shooting the second draft.

So, why am I posting this, if I'm not seeking advice? Well, you guys helped so much that if anybody is curious to, and actually just WANTS to read the 2nd draft, the least I can do is satiate your curiosity, even if you only feel like glancing over it, or reading just a few pages.

PM me if you want a copy.
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film guy
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Gimme, please?
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Cracker Funk
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Originally Posted by Adeimantus View Post
Gimme, please?
You know you didn't need to ask. I was only waiting until I could change all the "Stogie's" to "Weezie's" before I sent it your way. Plus, I need to convert to PDF. I'm tired. It's yours tomorrow.
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Can I see, too?

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Uranium City
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You'll do your 2nd (and 3rd) rewrite in the editing booth...that's how I did my first feature-length. I totally understand needing to get it shot on schedule. Congratulations!
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