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Question reading of script

I make instructional videos on computer programming topics. But they have a real story to them and I am interested in the nuts and bolts professional film makers deal with...

Iíve got a general question about how scripts are used when making commercials, indie or hollywood films.

Do the actors follow the script exactly or do they just use it as a guide an improvise as they go?

Iíve had some people, who like me are not making commercial films, tell me that actors mostly improvise and just use the script as a guide. Iíve always thought that learning the script was always a big hurdle for actors and missing your lines would always cause a retake.

Thanks for any insight,

This is the sort of videos I make
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It depends

Most directors want the actors to know the lines as written, and most actors learn them. Some directors allow some improvisation, possibly (but not always) after getting a few takes of the scene as written.

There's an actor who is in one of my features who never ever does the lines as written. He's terrific, and works a lot.

So....it depends.
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What he said^. It depends. It depends. It depends.

Some director's will want the script spoken word for word. Other's enjoy simply laying out a rough structure and then letting the actors build upon it. Although this also assumes that actor is talented enough and skilled enough to improvise with quality. And not only does it depend on the director, but it depends on the scene.
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They might want the scripted animated or made into a short film by university students. That Mexican immigrant working on your next door neighbor's roof? He might read it too.
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