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New Here, Audio questions.

Hi guys.
I have some experience in Audio and film but I am very very rusty.

I have looked around for recording devices and have kinda settled my thoughts on a "Tascam Dr 60Dmk2." I have heard good things on this recorder

" What would be a good shotgun mic for either of this recorders and why?"
I was gonna use an Rode NTG2 on the Tascam but after some research, it seems like a bad combo because The NTG2 is not a hot mic.- ( based on what others have said)

Also is there any extra gear I can attach to my audio set up that will halt anything from clipping/ distortion? I understand the Tascam comes with a " Dual Mono" and may even have an Antunter feature but is there anything else that would help? I ask because in some of my projects there will be a lot of screaming/ moaning.
for some of these shoots I will not be in a position to tell the people to bring down the screams/moans so my hands are tied on that.

again, I am pretty new to all of this so any videos that would help me understand the basics would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Do you have someone who will be dedicated to monitoring and recording the sound, and operating the mic?

Do you have anyone available who a) knows audio and b) already has a decent kit of their own to operate?

If yes to both, don’t waste your money on buying sound gear. Trust the expert (or the skilled amateur as it may be).

If you don’t have access to someone with both experience and gear and you’re dead set on buying a kit, consider a few things:

1) Identify someone on your team, or recruit someone to your team, who can learn and focus and be solely responsible for production sound. Multitasking and trying to handle audio while also directing and/or acting as DP and/or camera op is spreading your self thin and all aspects of that performance will suffer.

2) The Roland R26 is older and there’s better stuff out there now. The DR-60DmkII is a decent little recorder. I don’t recall offhand if it has limiters available or not, but if it does they likely aren’t great. The dual record feature can be helpful but a lot of it is having a dedicated recordist who can actuvely ride levels and/or move the mic to compensate for sudden peaks.

3) The pre-amps in those little recorders don’t have the most clean headroom. In other words, a mic that has a lower output level needs more pre-amp gain, and without clean gain there’s no way to do that without adding noise to the signal. The NTG-1 and NTG-2 are decent mics, but not for weak pre-amps. Look at the Audio Technica AT-875r. A little less expensive, stronger output signal, sounds great especially for the price.

4) The mic alone isn’t enough. Budget for a proper boom pole, shockmount, and wind protection. And cables.

5) Headphones. Good ones. Buy them. Use them. Or have the person dedicated to sound use them.

Are two XLR inputs enough? Think forward and how you’d want to expand. The DR-70D is worth a look to get four XLR inputs. The Zoom F4 is dirt cheap right now, and also offers expansion for future projects. If you think your productions may want to add wireless systems down the road, you’re gonna want more inputs and record tracks.

Again... get someone on your team who can focus on this and this alone. Your project will be better for it.
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Yeah I have experience on somethings. I did the audio on my other movie project but that was when I have a marantz PMD 661 Mk2 with a NTG2. I do not have that stuff anymore. I will be doing the Audio on this Im just a little rusty in remembering all this stuff. Any recorders with a Dual mono feature under $500. Wish I had my PMD. Sucks they dont make them anymore. The PMD 661mk 3 I hear is garbage.
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Also, when looking at a recorders pre-amps. What should I look for to decide my purchase? Thanks.
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