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17 Tips to Find the Right Festival For Your Indie Film

Hooray! You finished your film and itís fantastic! Time to send it off to film festivals and get it seen!

In general, you want to apply to a collection of festivals including large and small, local and far away, genre and non-genre. Everyone wants to apply to SXSW, Sundance, Toronto and the other big boys, but be realistic ó unless your film is high budget and includes celebrities, your chances of acceptance is virtually zero and you likely are wasting your submission fees. Small and medium festivals should not be ignored ó they can give you an audience, recognition, fantastic networking and the chance to get your name out there for future projects.

Right now there are 2600 or so festivals accepting submissions via FilmFreeway. How do you choose which festival is right for your film? Everyone says you must do your research before submitting, but what exactly should you be looking for?

Read the full list at WinterFilmAwards.com --> https://winterfilmawards.com/2018/08...ur-indie-film/
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