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Problems with length.

Hello everyone,

Iíve recently finished my first attempt at a screenplay and pretty much tripled what an average length should be.

I was just wondering if someone could give some pointers on what exactly Iíve done wrong, as I feel this story could easily be done under 2 hours.

I 100% donít expect anyone to read this in its entirety.

My only source for making this has been Google, so any blatant formatting issues would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for any help.

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I'm not a screenwriter, but I've worked on A LOT of projects doing audio post.

Hone down to the core elements of your story. The first feature on which I did audio post had an initial length of almost 150 minutes (2 1/2 hours). The director was fortunate enough to receive some assistance from two "Hollywood" types who knew what they were doing. The film had too many "sides plots," etc. They stripped it down to essentials and the final edit was 89 minutes. It won two major festivals and was well received at many others.

The invaluable lesson I learned was if you cannot describe your project in ten (10) words or less you have problems. Not actually realistic, but it does help narrow things down to essentials. As I'm sure others will say, "show, don't tell," so look for unnecessary exposition.

Michelangelo was supposed to have said that the sculpture was already in the marble, all he had to do was chip away the unneeded bits. Right now you have a block of marble; chip away the unneeded bits.
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By your title I thought I was about to delete some viagra spam...
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I didn't read the script. There are few things you can do. Because it is a 400 page script, I assume there may be few subplots. See if you could take out a subplot or two to see whether the story would still function. Also, don't feel the need to explain everything. Some backstory can be left out for the audience to connect the dots.
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386 pages. For a script based on an existing copyrighted property. Wow.
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