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premire Pro Nvidia CUDA problems

Hi guys,
I upgrade my video card to Zotac gtx 1060 6gb but in my premiere pro 2018 project seems to not be used. My project is composed with several after effects clips that uses 3d composition and lot of effects (like glow, movmenets, bluer, camera dof and more). In my project settings I set the render to mercury CUDA but in my windows 10 task manager performance monitor I do not see any activity and my cpu (intel i7-4790) is 100% used.
When I set the render mode to mercury Opencl premiere uses my internal gpu and I can see in task manager an activty (about 10-20%).
So anybady can point me to let my nvidia gtx 1060 work with premiere and after effects?
thanks so much!
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So anybady can point me to let my nvidia gtx 1060 work with premiere and after effects?
Are you using any effects that are specifically GPU Enabled? While the list is growing, most effects don't use the GPU.

So to point you in the right direction would require me to point you in the direction to reprogram the Adobe software.
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