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Alien 9/10
The Void 6/10
Hell or High Water 8/10
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Baba Joon, last trailer I saw, but watched full movie before. It is mostly Persian and some Hebrew. That is a my top Persian movie..... From a first work Persian Israeli director, you can never believe he wrote and directed so well for first time.....

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I quite liked The Devil's Candy. Grim, but overall a cool film. Recommend.

Spectral is a pretty decent scifi and Netflix original.

He Never Died. Really enjoyed it. Recommend.

Train to Busan. Really good. Recommend.

The Void. Flawed, but a pretty cool Lovecraftian film. Recommend to Lovecraft fans, at least.

The Best Offer. Really liked Geoffry Rush, as usual. But a bit too grim for me. Spoiler: Very much not a happy ending.

Dark Star, H.R. Giger's World. Very nice. Insperational. Recommend.

The Founder is darn good. Recommend.


Fiiiiiiiiiiinalllyyyy saw Perfect Blue. It really is quite good. Recommend.

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I second The Founder.
Very enjoyable.
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Magnificent Seven (1960 & 2016)
I saw them almost back to back. The 1st one was really fun. I had hopes for the 2nd because its director also did Training Day & The Equalizer (which was actually a decent action film).
But there was no comparison. The 2016 film was less fun, grim, had more explosions & violence. Maybe that's appropriate for times today but man, what a downer after the 1st.
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Annabelle Creation, very disappointed.
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