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Burning to DVD from Compressor 4


I did a little googling but got a headache....

I don't have a color calibrated monitor and need to burn my project onto some discs. I'm using FCPX and Magic Bullet, as well as FilmConvert. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this while maintaining the highest quality images? I want it to look very similar to what I see on my iMac screen, but if that's not possible...I just don't want it to look bad.

There's a youtube video I came across explaining the correct settings on compressor, and I have some Verbatum DVDRs. I haven't tried it yet but wanted to get some suggestions here first.

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Are you asking about color correction, or compression? DVDs are a compression issue, which isn't necessarily related to monitor calibration or plugins like Magic Bullet.

For the compression issue, compressor has presets for DVDs that are based on the length of your content - i.e. 90 minutes, 120minutes, etc. Use the shortest time that will fit the length of your video - for most short videos that will be the 90 minute preset. You'll also have a 'Fastest Encode' and 'Highest Quality' version of the preset - so use 'Highest Quality: 90 minutes' if quality is your main concern.

As for the color correction part you can start by doing the manual calibration available in System Preferences > Displays > Color > Calibrate. Make sure the 'expert mode' button is checked and just follow all the steps - that'll get you 80% there, which is about as close as you'll get without additional hardware and a better monitor anyway.
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Ok, that helps.

Thanks. I just know last time I tried to burn from Compressor it looked absolutely horrible...completely different from my grading on the monitor.
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burn, color grading, dvdr

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