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Idea Advice Needed - Filmmaking for Job

Hey everyone, my name is Luke and I'm new to this forum. I thought it was high time for me to reach out for help. For the last ten years, my hobby was Photoshop. All self-taught. When I started my job last year for a company in September 2016, I was given an opportunity to be the Media Specialist for them. I run their social media pages, and I also film my boss. Now, before I explain what exactly I need help with, let me tell you the exact equipment that I have

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

4x of Genaray SpectroLED Essential 240 Daylight LED Light

Zoom H6 Recorder
2x Sennheriser 100 ENG G3 lapel mics

9 ft by 15ft Green Screen

Tripod (forgot what brand at the moment) - not at work right now writing this

Manfrotto MVM250A Aluminum Fluid Monopod 3/8" Attachment (Black)

Shoulder Rig
Opteka Shoulder Rig

There are two main videos we do each week. One is called DailyLovins, and the other is called Simply Vidalia.

DailyLovins is a video that my boss wants to be tailored after Gary Vaynerchucks DailyVee videos on Youtube. But its hard in a way to produce content for it IMO because my boss does not travel as much or does as much as Gary Vee does. I'm sort of stuck on what to do.

Simply Vidalia is basically where my boss interviews business owners, charities, etc - so that if someone wants to move to our town, they can look at our videos and get a feel of what its like.

The video editing software I use is Sony Vegas Pro 13.

I'm having difficulty getting all of these pieces together. I've always worked with photos - but I know my boss saw something in me and we have done some good videos - I just feel like it needs to get better. I need to understand the equipment that I have better, and I need constructive criticism.

To view all of the graphics and videos I've done for the company, you can go here https://www.facebook.com/lovinsrealty

Please help me guys! I need to get better - so please critque me and help me as much as you can because literally it is my livelihood of a job!

Thank you!
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