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Then again, running over a 4x4 piece of wood or a tree branch or even the right size rock would do the trick.
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The idea is achieving the effect and protecting your tires and undercarriage however. Sandbag = pretty harmless and even one will give the right effect with the correct sound fx.
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Got a sandbag and am ready to use it for the shoot next weekend, thank you everyone for all the help.

- Ken
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Ensure you grab yourself a reaction shot just in case it doesn't work out.
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Another idea...shoot it green screen, and move the background image in post. You can shoot your background plate without any movement, and "bounce" it in your editor.
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I've used a speed bump.


Obviously not exactly what you're going for, but selling from the actress, camerawork, and sound are key.

I don't know what you're capabilities are in terms of mounting a camera, but you can still do the speed bump version but with a close up with the actress so as to not show the surrounding area. The scene above are two different locations. Same area, but not the same street.

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