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Well as some of you know I am a senior in high school and recently (a few months ago) got into film. I have an opportunity here, but I am not sure if I should take it or not, seeing how I am not 100% certain on how related to film this is. My mother's friend offered to show me around and give me some insight about what he does. He is an executive producer of music videos. Now I will be going to community college next year for media production so I am wondering if him showing me around would be a waist of both of our times, or something that could give me a bit of a jump start into the film industry. I've never met the guy, so it would obviously be a bit awkward for me the first few times we talk, so that is something I would preferably like to avoid if what he does can't really help me. It's an extremely kind offer, and if this could help me I would be more than appreciative to accept his offer. So what I am asking is, how much does music video production relate to film production, and well, do any of you think I should accept his generous offer.
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I would go. Video production is production. Take it all in, you should take advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to you. After the experience you can start to sort it all out and see if it help or not.

If he's offering, do it.
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Contacts are key. Not to mention, a lot of videos are shot in film, and the production and post production processes are very similar. Do it!
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Anyone who VOLUNTEERS to show you a part of the industry will never be a waste of your time. You're in high school. How much about the video industry do you know at all? Production is production until you know what end of it you want to be in. All the principles are the same. Have you ever shot a music video or film? So...to go to talk to a video producer and see how one is done, that's a waste....????

Music videos are very extensive nowadays. Anything you learn there, you can take with you to other areas. If I were in your position, I would go in a heartbeat.

-- spinner

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Well I guess that settles that. I'll be sure to take him up on his offer. Thanks for the advice, again, man you guys/gals are good. I'll be sure to let everybody know how it went when its all said and done.
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