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Lighiting for Home Office

I'm about to shoot a short that entirely takes place in a home office during the day/ dusk. The idea of the film is to show no faces, just hands doing work at the desk and an occasional shot of shoes/ high heels of the character who is at the desk. Except for a couple rare tracking shots into the desk, the whole film takes place at this desk. My friend has been nice enough to let me use his house for this shoot, which has nice big windows letting in plenty of light, plus pull down shades in case I need to cut down on the light. However, I know I'll still need to light it, and I'm wondering whether it still might be better to shoot it at night and light it for day since you only see a window in but one shot.
My budget is small, but I can afford a couple hundred dollars on lighting rentals. I'm shooting with a Panasonic HVX 200 with the Letus Adapter. The house's windows do face the sun during sunset, which is not a desired look.
Any advice?
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I'm wondering whether it still might be better to shoot it at night and light it for day since you only see a window in but one shot.
Well, sure you only see it in one shot... but you say these windows are big? Big as in they let in the majority of the light during the daytime? And they line up east to west?

I 'spose you could shoot at night, and light for day.

You could also set up a duvateen tent outside (during the daytime) and set up some lights in that. That would give you total control during both day & night. That would work best if the setting was supposed to be all nightime, though, I 'spose, if your windows are *that* big.

Just tossin' that out, not knowing exactly what your location layout is.

the whole film takes place at this desk.
Heck, just light your desk appropriately. Film the one shot you have with the window when it's suitable/timely to do that, and otherwise just light the desk. Pull the shades during the day. There ya go.

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Zensteve's idea also let you control the color of the light so it does not change during the shoot.

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I like to set the camera up to the room. This way, it's natural, ya don't have to reinvent anything, and no gaffer can mess it up.
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