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Any screenwriter from Japan?

I want to do a Japanese short film, although I am from Iran. Anyone interested to help me with translation to Japanese?

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Hello! I live in Japan - however my Japanese is nowhere near good enough to translate scripts. However I did write and direct a Japanese short film via a translator, so here's my advice for you.

Write it in English and go through the same amount of redrafts as you would with a normal project. Once it's totally finished, then hire a translator. I used an Japanese American screenwriter who I got lucky to find on the Tokyo Craigslist. Thanks to his life experience, he was also able to go through and tell me where to make cultural changes to dialogue and scenarios where appropriate.

However, you should think about production. How are you going to produce a Japanese short film? It's extremely difficult to do from outside the country, but feel free to ask me any questions you want.

My main advice when it comes to writing this project is not to worry about the translation for now. Just write and rewrite it in English, until it comes nearer time when you're able to get producing it.
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That's good idea, I find someone else to translate. I think when it is done, you can direct, too, true?

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Feutus Lapdance
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So many people on Indy talk are from Iran. Darm! I have to visit this beautiful place some time...
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