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Gotta Make It - Short Film

I'm doing a private screening of my film "Gotta Make It" for a week then taking it down and running it through the film festival circuit. Figured I'd share with you guys as well. Enjoy!

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Nice stuff!
I think you can make this tighter, especially in the beginning.
A bit too much head shaking, I'd try to cut some of it.
Mom's answering machine message seems to come out of nowhere cuz there's a long silence after the 1st message.
Sound FX of him pushing the button when he switches off each of the creditor messages might help.
The last word gets kinda buried, that whole line's pretty important.
Great subject matter, I like what you're doing.
Good luck at the festivals!
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Great score! I wouldn't have centered those opening shots as much, and I agree that the voice message from mom started a little late, but I thought it was well paced and engaging. I enjoyed it.
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