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Question Help Connecting Audio Interface to Dslr camera

So I want to be able to get the great sound quality I get from my audio gear as well as the good video.

I have a canon rebel t5i and I was wondering what I have to do to connect it to my audio interface, which is a presonus firestudio. That way I can use as many of the preamps as I want from the interface, multiple mics, and get great audio, while also getting the HD video at the same time so it doesn't have to be synced up in post. I thought about just getting a good shotgun mic but then I'd have only one audio track. But I am just planning on recording acoustic guitar and vocals, so maybe a good shotgun mic is all I need? Advice?

Main question: What connections and adapters do I need to connect my presonus firestudio audio interface into the 3.5mm jack of the mic input on the camera?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I take it from your post you want to do a "music video" of you playing the guitar and singing.

Recording music live or in a recording studio is very different than doing production sound or audio post. And yes, I have done all four.

Music micing technics are vastly different than sound-for-picture. Music calls (most of the time) for close micing, whereas production sound calls for a more "realistic" approach.

My personal suggestion is that you record your audio and video separately and sync them later. If you are going to use multiple camera angles I suggest that you record the music first and lip/finger sync.

As fas as mics go a shotgun mic is (in most cases) not a good choice for recording music. As small diaphragm condenser would be a decent choice for the guitar, a large diaphragm condenser a solid choice for vocals.

More details about your goals and current assets (like the Presonus, your mics, etc.) would be a tremendous help.

Here's Richie Havens back in the day with a Shure SM-58 on both guitar and vocals. The -58 is a dynamic mic used mostly for live work.

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Wong tool for the job, and I second Alcove.

On a related note, by trying to cram that audio down a pipe and into your DSLR, you’re automatically degrading the quality of your signal. DSLR cameras are well-known for having internal audio circuits that are pretty bad.

More than one or two mics is a production sound situation that calls for more than two record tracks for your sound (camera’s 1/L, 2/R) unless you have a VERY skilled PSM on your crew. A single mic can be recorded to the camera on both channels. Two mics can be panned hard L and hard R and recorded separately in-camera. That gives you control over the mix in post. To repeat, in-camera sound on a DSLR sucks either way. Even with only two mics (voice and guitar) you’ll be better off recording them to a computer or other dedicated audio recorder instead of in-camera.

If you’re shooting for a music video, as Alcove mentioned, you’ll want to get a good recording before you shoot the video. Then, pantomime/lip-sync to playback of the recording.

If you’re looking instead for a live recording (Coffee house? Club? Small concert venue?), then your best bet is to record the sound separately anyway - and at 48kHz, the sample rate of audio for video - and in multitrack format. Then you can mix the sound later and marry it back to the video for much better results.
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