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Writer / Director / Animator / Interactive Filmmaker

Introducing myself without promotion...

I'm Aaron Brown... located in the filmmaking hub of southwest Idaho.

I've been animating (mostly 2D) for 20 years for all of the big names in children's entertainment, and have always developed screenplays as a hobby.

Planning to get serious about it and produce some originals (both animated and live action and maybe emerging formats?). I found this forum via Film Daily.

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film guy
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El Director
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Greetings from north Idaho!
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Thanks! Yeah, there is actually a lot of filmmaking activity here... It's just not what springs to mind for most people when they think Idaho.
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The Tune Peddler
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Welcome Aaron!!! Is there anywhere I can see some of your work. I'm a big animation fan.
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What is your experience as an Interactive Filmmaker?

I spent some time exploring interactive video content in virtual reality.
It seems that most of it is a story that periodically stops and gives you two options

[Show Death Scene ] [Continue Story]

Make the wrong choice and the story immediately ends lol.
I've yet to come across anything that is actually dynamic like starting off with a zombie attack and I can only save my Wife, my Daughter or my Dog. And I've got to choose 1 and then have that 1 with me for the rest of the story, etc. Ya know something that would actually divert the storyline and generate enough unique content that I'd want to go back and try the story a different way.
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Lucky Hardwood
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Good grief you do a lot! Welcome to the talk. I look forward to seeing what you contribute.
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