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Idea Lighting question - bounce source and light ratio

I'm lighting an approx. 20ft by 20ft area for a Medium-Wide shot in a large studio, soft high-key lit.
Looking at bouncing an M18 on a 20x20ft Muslin (or Ultrabounce?) frame, full front slight overhead - to add as fill/general ambient sunlight. And then using a 1.2k Arrisun (or 1.2k Briese) as a side-y key sunlight source with an opal or 216 diffusion.

Just checking if the M18 would be a good bounce source and if the lighting ratio for the key source sound right or wrong?

Keeping everything on household power (16A 220v here in Europe).
Let me know if you need more info! I know that there is no 'one way' of doing things but just thought I'd hear some thoughts and ideas.

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lighting, lighting bounce

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