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Idea Never been this excited in my life!!!

after a long and a crazy journey, I finally found my real passion, I kinda knew it from the start but i wasn't confident that i can make it nor did I know how to become one, all i did was watch so many different movies and try to make my own, although all i did was stupid short clips, but i enjoyed every bit of the process, and when you see your art on a big screen alongside with everyone who struggled with you into creating the masterpiece, it's unbelievable just having that thought.

The biggest 2 obstacles i'm currently having right now are Money and Age.
I live in Sudan, so it's a real struggle to buy gears and find a crew here.
And I just hit my 20's, and I feel as if it's too late to even consider it.

Anyway, I'm glad i found this forum, and hopefully i will find amazing people here who have common goals like me
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Welcome to IndieTalk!
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20 is very young and in fact the vast majority of people at 20 haven't started their first career.
my last doctor retired from software development and then became a doctor in his 40s, which goes to show that some people move on to a second career well after they've established themselves in a first career.

Now we come to money - aka the great enabler.
In fact money would enable you to hire the best professionals and you could learn from them as they make your movie for you. It'd be like creating your own film school just for yourself and damn would it be expensive!!!

I see you're not a wealthy bruce wayne type so this leads me to the question - do you intend to write your own screenplays? Because if you want to be a writer then I have good news. It costs nothing more than the electricity running your computer in order to write.

And writing is the first step... very very few people will try to film without having something written down first
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newbie, newbie filmmaking

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