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Dead Reckoning Season 0

We recently completed our first season of our Humans Vs Zombies - inspired webseries, Dead Reckoning. For a bit of background on this project...
  • This all started from an epic trailer we made back in 2010 to promote the game to new students. The trailer was featured on Gizmodo (article here) and The Escapist (article here), and landed us hundreds of requests for a full film.
  • In response to the demand, we went with a 3-part mini-series approach, drawing inspiration not only from zombie flicks, but also from the show 24.
  • In December, 2013, we released the first 3 episodes, and they were received very well, and landed us more demand to continue the story.
  • For Trademark/IP reasons and for more creative freedom, we elected to rename the series as Dead Reckoning, and began development on the next few installments, but this time with much more focus on actual plot and character development, as the first 3 were more action-oriented.
  • We also scripted and shot a few small extensions/alterations for the first 3, since they would have to be re-released under the new series title anyways, so we took it as an opportunity to improve them a bit.
  • We have begun licensing others to start developing their own installments set in the universe we've established.
  • We have declared that all future installments will have Nerf weapons repainted for a realistic/sci-fi look and effects, given how serious we've gotten in the last few episodes (a few of these weapons are shown in the season finale), and where we plan to take it. So Season 0 will essentially fade out as our more "experimental" season. Not de-canonized, but certainly less relevant in the long run, but still enjoyable to those who don't mind the look of unpainted Nerf weapons.
  • We are preparing to crowdfund Season 1 as well as the first major companion series, Code Dark, as we aim to raise the bar drastically, filming with HDR cameras and better mics, more lighting. Season 0 will be recut into feature film format as an exclusive experience for the blu-ray/dvd pack, along with other exclusive features.

Now without further ado, below is the series playlist, beginning with the Theatrical Trailer, and then all 7 Episodes, hope you enjoy!

Theatrical Trailer:

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