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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
One thing WalterB said is, you often hear your own dialog differently because you are familiar.

Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
You're also deeply familiar with both the script and the recorded footage and sound, so you already know the lines.
Freddy, here's what I suggest, because her audio is terrible and it needs to be addressed for the finished short: go back into the edit of this trailer and mute the music. Listen carefully to both actors. Close your eyes and listen. His audio is clear and up-front, with not too much of the "room" beneath his dialog. Hers sounds like she's in a bathroom... it's all "room" and no direct sound.

You say they were both wearing lavs, so where is that audio for her? It sounds like we're hearing her audio either from a camera mic or from the other lav, but it is clearly not from her lav. This may just be an oversight of the edit... her track was accidentally left out, unintentionally lowered or muted, whatever. It sounds bad, and if the audio from her lav indeed exists, it's an easy problem to fix.

It also sounds very much like the keys dropping on the table, and the purse dropping on the table, are production audio or even scratch (camera mic) audio. I'd replace those with SFX or Foley.
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Sorry AcousticAl!!!!!
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Originally Posted by FreddyLongSongs View Post
It's not Hollywood quality but I did my damnedest.
No one is expecting Hollywood quality, Freddy. And we all really want to help.
It's frustrating to be called elitist and read your sarcastic comments when I
see people helping you. Or trying to help.

I can tell from your trailer how hard you worked because I, too, was a first
time filmmaker. I hope that someday you will see that each person who
commented here only wants to see you succeed. Even me.

We really ARE rooting for you. All of us. Don't dig in and dismiss comments:
Originally Posted by FreddyLongSongs View Post
I can hear the dialog clearly over the phone so i can't take that critique seriously. It's finished now.
Originally Posted by FreddyLongSongs View Post
The sound is not an issue.
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