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Sweeties right, they're really good cells. But still, the 2500mah eneloops suffer the same internal discharge problems as other brands too. You can only make the cells so dense before it goes beyond optimal.

Most quality 2000mah nimh's batteries will outperform and hold charge overnight (or week/month/year) better than any 2500mah, eneloops or otherwise. The 2500's are better suited to RC cars and other immediate use/high drain applications.

(I have over 40nimh AA's in my photog bag, and I've had to invent a way of organising/storing them so I can tell at a glance what use they've had, and in which device they came from. )
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To help with my organizing, I bought 4 packs of these, and grouped by color:

And I have a bunch of the standard boring colors, which I marked on the tops with specific patterns to quickly identify which group they're in.
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I have more batteries than that, but I found that all I need to do is identify which ones are used and which are charged. I use the Eneloop cases (4 per case) and put them in something similar to a pelican case. Tap upwards and they're charged and ready to go. Tab down and they're used and need charging.
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Same here, Sweetie.

Mine are pretty much soley used for my strobist gear so I have developed a little sub-system of sequences, turning specific batteries within the 4-packs upside down to show me how many sessions they've had, and which type of device they were used in.

I'm not really surprised that I'm not the only one that's made good use of a simple visual system. It saves us a lot of headache in the long run!
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